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Vancouver Counselling and Pain Management
#301-1055 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 1E2
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VANCOUVER COUNSELLING AND PAIN MANAGEMENT provides counselling services in a variety of different MODES and METHODS.

Individual Sessions:
After your free telephone consultation, you can arrange a session with Megan Hughes. Sessions last a full 60 minutes. Megan's office hours are 9am-7pm Thursdays and Fridays.

Telephone Sessions:
If you live outside of Vancouver, or prefer counselling in the privacy of your home, telephone counselling sessions are available. They last a full 60 minutes and are the same rate as individual sessions. Book a telephone session just like a regular appointment. Telephone sessions are available to any clients within Canada and the U.S.

Modes of Counselling:
Individual – Adult - 60 minute sessions
Adolescent - 12 years and older - 60 minute sessions
Couple – 60 minute sessions
Telephone – 60 minute sessions
Outreach – In-school counselling for children and youth
Groups – Anxiety, Assertiveness, Survivors, Process, Pain

Methods of Counselling
Clinical Hypnosis - Megan Hughes is a member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and practices hypnosis with clients for the purpose of relaxation, pain management, trauma integration and resource building.
EMDRthis stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a generally faster and more non-verbal method of processing traumatic experiences and desensitizing chronic pain.
Body Centred Therapy
– this involves understanding changing the physical responses your body has to pain, stress, trauma and anxiety. By learning relaxation, visualization and biofeedback techniques, you can change your bodily experience of pain and stress.
Cognitive/Behavioural – this involves understanding how your thought or behaviour patterns influence your feelings and reactions. By working to change your automatic thoughts and patterned behaviours, you can change your expectations and negative experiences of life.
Solution focused – this is usually briefer therapy that involves focusing on increasing positive experiences by looking at your positive resources, rather than focusing on looking at problems.
Integrative psychotherapy – this is a comprehensive view of how people work that takes into consideration developmental, physical, emotional and social experiences of a person.
Couples Counselling – focuses on looking at active listening, communication styles, shared values, boundaries and unmet needs affect relationships and intimacy.

$125.00 per hour, payable each session. For established clients, block booking with block payment is available at a reduced rate, or monthly payment is available.

Payment: Cash or cheque are accepted at the end of each session. Debit and credit cards will be accepted SOON.

Extended Health Plan Coverage: Some EH plans cover therapy with a "Registered Clinical Counsellor", or "RCC" and some don't. When working with children, adolescents and families, Megan Hughes is supervised by a Registered Psychologist, and is therefore able to provide R. Psych. coverage in those cases. Please check your extended health plan for coverage.

Cancellation: 24 hours notice is required or a cancellation fee applies. The cancellation fee totals the full session rate, barring emergency.

Employee Assistance Program Counselling:
Megan Hughes is fully qualified and trained in the area of EAP counselling. She can work with employees at a contract level to provide timely effective services.

ICBC Claims:
Trauma counselling, Critical Incident Debriefing and EMDR is effective for vehicle collision trauma. With authorization, Megan Hughes can provide counselling through third-party billing with ICBC.